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Banner Ads - $5 for 1000 impressions
For bands and clubs with existing web pages who want more hits, or those who want to publicize specific events, PA Rocks can place banner ads. Prices: $5 for 1000 banner impressions.

To start - send $, and send the link and the gif or jpg to

Check out sample banner stats of a banner ad that is running / was run. You would have a stats page similar to this to check the progress of your campaign.

Pay with Paypal.

Contribute to PA Rocks
PA Rocks is always interested in new Contributors. Contributors will get a webpage / website where they can post their articles, pictures, realvideo, etc. regarding the local music scene. Check out Shannon and Melanie for one type of contributors page. E-Mail if interested.

Web Sites for Bands and Clubs
For bands and clubs who want web sites, PA Rocks can provide one for you. Band sites can include a homepage, schedule, news, bio, audio, video, pictures, reviews, an e-mail list, guestbook, message board, booking info, merchandise, links, radio or any other pages. Club sites can include a home page, schedule, specials, menu, directions, audio, video, pictures, an e-mail list, guestbook, message board, booking info, info for bands, links and any other pages. Standard rates - $100 one time fee - $20/month for unlimited schedule updates. Your URL would be Your own virtual domain - - can be provided at additional expense.

Key advantages of having your site done by PA Rocks is your inclusion in the PA Rocks Network, where your dates are sent on the PA Rocks Network E-Mailer, free banner ads, free graphical link on the PA Rocks homepage, TV commercials, help with booking, and more.

PA Rocks Graphics
For those who are interested in displaying graphics of PA Rocks, here are some. You can either link directly to the URL of the graphic (provided) or upload the graphic to your own server.

1) - standard banner size - 468w x 60h

2) - 100w

3) - 150w

4) - 200w

5) - 250w

6) - 300w

7) - 400w

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