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AJ & Jackie of Red Room
AJ & Jackie of Red Room - Red Room is a rock band that is made up of four dedicated and talented musicians from Mechanicsburg, PA. Their energetic, diverse, original music always leaves audiences wanting more. They are definitely a must see.

Friday, May 2 - Jam
Gullifty's Downstairs
The Juice
The Juice - The Juice was formed in the winter of 2005 in a small basement in East Falls on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Their unique blend of funk, house, jazz, and other styles has brought them considerable notoriety on the Philly jam scene. Guitarist Ian Nester Moran and Bassist Brendan Johnson both hail from Mechanicsburg, PA while Percussionist Blaine Kneeshaw represents Keyport, NJ. Keyboardist Jon Duxbury, recently added to the band's lineup, is straight outta Havertown...bitches!
Saturday, May 3 - Funk / Soul
Gullifty's Downstairs
Full Tilt
Full Tilt - Full Tilt is Soul, Funk, and Fun!! We're an 8 piece soul funk cover band based out of York PA. Covering artists such as James Brown, Prince, Sly and the Family Stone, AWB, Stevie Wonder, Kool and the Gang and many more great R&B greats! Full Tilt has been performing since 1987 and over the years, the band has gradually become a collection of some of the best musicians in the northeast. Each member of Full Tilt has a different and unique background; all are weathered musicians with a wealth of proficiency at their trade. Full Tilt has been touring the Mid-Atlantic region regularly. Currently the band is now also working as a back up band for "The Defonics" (The Philly Sounds), along with Major Harris, an original member of the Delfonics. And looking toward the future the band will also be working with the likes of great artists such as Chuck Brown, Zap Band, and the Stylistics as well!
Friday, May 9 - 80's Covers
Gullifty's Downstairs
Lead Foot
Lead Foot - The best longhair, head-bangin', guitar-rippin', vocal-screamin', bass-and-drums-thumpin', beer-drinkin'(except Shane) ass-kickin '80'-style metal/rock band around! We set out to bring the party back to the stage. To give people our age an awesome flashback to how it was and show the kids today how to rock. We are all entertainers to the max. Not to mention that we are all excellent musicians.
Saturday, May 10 - Active Rock / Covers
Gullifty's Downstairs
File 13
Gullifty's Downstairs
Bottled in Bond
File 13 - Rock / Classic Rock / Alternative from Mechanicsburg, PA AJ Cassat - Lead/Rhythm Guitar Lead/Backing Vocals***Chad Everts - Lead/Rhythm Guitar Backing Vocals***Dave Giles - Lead Vocals***Fabian Marroquin - Bass Guitar***Tracy Weller - Drums
Bottled in Bond - Harrisburg, PA's Bottled In Bond formed in the Spring of 2007 when childhood friends Dave Damone (vocals), Brandon "Miles" Miles (guitar) and Brandon Reece (drums) decided to form a three-piece acoustic band. Within a few short months the band found themselves in a rotation with several of the local area pubs. In December of 2007 Bottled In Bond added bassist Matt "House Van Housen" Miller (infamously known to most in the area as "Milhouse") to their line-up and began rehearsing their set in an electric format to debut an all-new, high-energy show to their audience in 2008. Bottled In Bond brings to the stage a fresh batch of material that, though familiar and popular among the masses, is not the same set of tunes that can be heard by every other cover band in the area. The band prides themselves for not being just another act, but a truly unique show of their own. Bottled In Bond's carefully crafted musicianship showcased throughout their exhilarating, upbeat performance will undoubtedly leave the crowd eager and ready to come back for more.
Friday, May 16 - Rock
Gullifty's Downstairs
Friction Broadcast
Gullifty's Downstairs
Friction Broadcast - More addictive than a bag of Hershey Kisses and more explosive than Three Mile Island, Friction Broadcast is the biggest thing to come out of central Pennsylvania since Bret Michael's hair. Band members Anthony Lovari (vocals), Rick Johns (guitar), Fran Johns (bass) and Casey Kraynak (drums) have brought their diverse musical influences together to create a sound both completely unique and broadly accessible. Inspired by such artists as MUSE, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots and Radiohead, Friction Broadcast's live performances are known for their original songs and for covering some of the group's favorite artists.
Grip - GRIP is a heavier modern rock band from the Harrisburg, PA area. While all 4 members are experienced musicians this is a new project just breaking into the market. New maybe, but leaving a positive lasting impression in every venue they play. They nail modern rock covers in order to play the clubs but it's their original music that will make their mark in the industry.
Saturday, May 17 - Original Rock
Gullifty's Downstairs
Julian Fist
Gullifty's Downstairs
Gullifty's Downstairs
Drop of Grey
Julian Fist - After four years out of the spotlight, Julian Fist singer Mitch Taylor has a message for the masses. The rebirth of Julian Fist is upon us, so you better be ready. New shows, new songs and at long last a new album. This will be the Pennsylvania rockers first studio album since 2001s Pushing Audio Platinum.
Kheris - There is still good left in this world, and in the realm of Rock. We are a tribute to the redemption of love, triumph over evil, and the tranquility after the storm of hardship. We aim to craft music with energy and depth of emotion that has seemingly left the airwaves. Rock is alive underground. We are digging in the trenches with the other unkown soldiers. Some may call it accident, others fate, but we believe that God brought us together. Steve and Keith were first introduced 26 years ago when Keith was born. Naturally, growing up together under the same roof, they have mutually influenced each other in a monumental way. Rob met Steve at a Jove show and was uplifted that rock was still alive and it was local. Months later, after a chance meeting at Shanks tavern where Rob helps host a blues jam, it was realized that he could possibly be the bassplayer for the two guitar-slinging singers. In a search for a drummer, and to have a good time, they happened apon Aaron at a thursday night open-mic jam at the Alley Kat. His nonconventional style and zeal made him the latest addition to the group.
Drop of Grey - Formed in June of 2006 by former members of Project Delta, The Epsilon, Between the Lines, and Wick. One request for a drummer on a 105.7 theX Under the Radar classified and the newly reformed, refreshed Drop of Grey was born. This five piece fuses complimentary musical styles into an existing powerful modern rock sound including mellow moments of contemplative lyrics that swell and build into aggressive modern rock choruses. Drop of Grey writes memorable songs that will stick in your head for days, not just with lyrics but with good musical execution brought together in an explosive, high-energy stage show.
Friday, May 23 - Rockin Roots Americana
Gullifty's Downstairs
The Woodies
The Woodies - For the sake of analogies. . .let's say rock 'n roll was a tough neighborhood in a dirty blue collar town, and every band had their own street. The bigger the band - the bigger the street. If you triangulated between The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Crazy Horse you could very easily stumble upon a dirty little back alley bar and find a band like THE WOODIES. Drinkin', smokin', swearin', and rocking it out with Telecasters and Les Pauls running through Marshall amps. Band members: Woody (bass & Coors Light), Sean Cestone (drums & Budweiser), Steve Yanek (guitar, keyboards & Fancy Beer), Larry Kennedy (guitar & whatever's cold), John Fritchey (guitar, Troeginator & Pabst), also. . .the Honarable Woodies. . . Trent P (keyboards & Miller Light), Tom Kristich (Drums & Anchor Steam).
Saturday, May 24 - Disco Funk Party Band
Gullifty's Downstairs
Echelon - An 8 piece, female fronted, flare-flouncing, wig-wearing, horn blowing, seventies dance band. Echelon is the grooviest, sexiest, hip-swivelingest band, coming to you direct from Planet Funk itself! This band has selected the best songs, and has slick, non-stop routines to keep the dance floor packed all night long. Each performance is a real show, carefully constructed and choreographed, making this band more spectacular than any other on the circuit. In addition to being musically stunning, each show is visually exciting and entertaining. Let this funkified band, with movin' and groovin' rhythm players, two scorching horn players, and supremely sexy, psychedelic singers take you to Sequin-Central for an all-night party, promising big flares, big hair and big hits. ECHELON guarantees you a groovy night, full of funky fever and some serious platform soul!
Friday, May 30 - Rock
Gullifty's Downstairs
The Burning State
The Burning State - A rock band from central Pennsylvania, The Burning State is a 3 piece band featuring Mike Musson on lead vocals/bass guitar, Jason DeLorenzo on lead guitar/BGV's, and Devon Leighty on drums/percussion/BGV's. What started as an acoustic coffeehouse band has evolved into one of the most rocking bands in central PA. Playing mostly originals with a few choice covers, The Burning State has been winning audiences over since August 2006. Now in 2008 the band is ready to change the future of music with the debut of their first full length album, "From Out of the Ashes"!
Saturday, May 31 - SUPER HOT INDIE ROCK SHOW!!!
Gullifty's Downstairs
The Shackeltons
Gullifty's Downstairs
The Thrives
Gullifty's Downstairs
Mitch Hood
The Shackeltons - Rolling Stone - "...instead of pretending there are a hundred thousand good new releases, ...check out this wild-eyed fusion of Pixies and early White Stripes. The good news: the whole record is this freakish, this thrilling." (J. Edward Keyes)
SPIN Magazine - "Shake up a pinch of the Pixies and a dose of Black Rebel Motorcycle club with stormy instrumentation, the Shackeltons arrives unrestrained. Such raw sonic analysis [along] With Redding's angsty outlook and the band's steady backbeats, [this] nervy post-punk-induced self-titled debut LP will drop Jan. 29 via the Loveless label." (Miriam Lamey)
The New York Times - "The Shackletons, from Chambersburg, Pa. played knowingly frazzled rock. The band set out thick, burly riffs ó hinting at the Stooges in one song, the Clash in another, Dinosaur Jr. in another ó while Mark Redding blurted and ranted lyrics through a distorted microphone about pirates, insomnia and getting out of town. Singing about his desperate wish for "the bird of joy/the bird of hope/the bird of love," he flailed with a little bunch of flowers in his hand."
The Shackeltons are a hot band, playing the XPN Festival in July and Bumpershoot in Seattle in August among other things.

The Thrives - The Thrives can best be described as an indy-power-pop trio clearly influenced by the music of the 80ís and 90ís. The three members, David Kemper, John Bolling and Brad Stackpole started playing together back in 1995 in a band only slightly known in the Harrisburg area called Lunarshade. After a few years of other projects or lack there-of, they have become musically reacquainted. Kemper as singer, song writer and rythm guitar player understands the power of a pithy word simply attached to a catchy melody. His visual descriptions of love and relationship are earthy, sensual, unique and somehow universal. Listen for the dynamic juxtoposition between sweet melodies wrapped around yearning lyrics and breakthrough declarations of tongue-in-cheek-angst-ridden-imperfection. John Bolling's relaxed and consistent bass playing is backed up by years of listening to the great bands from across the pond. Fans have learned to watch for his sheepish smile as he gets wrapped up in the joy of performing. Finally, there is the famous Brad Stackpole on drums. He has sat in with quite a few local groups from Deviation Theory to his recent project with A Utopian Skyline (formerly The Midnight Drive), along with his valued participation with The Thrives. Bradís influences are the most diverse of the group. He is more than accomplished at playing Latin, Jazz, Rock and Metal in addition to other styles.
Mitch Hood - Mitch Hood is pleased to announce that he is hard at work writing and recording for his solo debut. "Hey Kate" The premier single from his yet-to-be-titled album can be streamed on MySpace and will be available on CD or for download on iTunes along with a few other new songs in the near future. "Hey Kate" was produced by Ethan Mentzer (The Click Five) at his home studio in Boston, MA in early 2008.
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